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Proof that the Galaxy S6 Edge really is a tough bastard

Samsung’s hype around the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge’s uber-tough construction appears to be spot on, if a terrifying new ‘drop test’ video is for real.

A short clip has appeared online showing a user playing calmly with her shiny new Galaxy S6 Edge, before suddenly hurling the hapless handset at a concrete floor not just once, but three times in quick succession. Impressively, the quirky curvy mobile appears to be none the worse for its horrific abuse, functioning as usual with no obvious dents or fractures. Scroll down to see the clip in full.

While most ‘official’ drop test videos are far from scientific, with crazed reviewers chuckling manically before launching the latest gadgets from slingshots or chucking them over balconies, this one probably wins our vote as most violently arse-clenching.

However, it also proves that Samsung’s latest devices aren’t the fragile little flowers that you might think. And perhaps anyone who’s rocked an iPhone with a shattered screen for the past few months will seriously think about switching brands.

Obviously we don’t suggest you go out into the yard and start whipping your Samsung Galaxy S6 at the side of the garage when it finally goes on sale on April 10th. However, as long as the video is fully legit, there’s a good chance the new Sammy handsets will survive the odd accidental plummet after a couple of pints. Always a good thing.

The Galaxy S6 Edge, which packs a toughened exterior as well as an octa-core 1.5GHz CPU, 3GM RAM and 16-megapixel primary snapper, will go on sale in the UK next month alongside its sibling the Galaxy S6. You can head down to one of Samsung’s Experience stores to get your mitts on both devices ahead of time.



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