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Pure Contour 200i Air: Airplay iPhone and iPad dock

Pure has introduced an new iPhone and iPad compatible wireless music system, with built-in Airplay for cable free music and movie streaming.

The Pure Contour 200i Air is the follow-up to the Pure Contour, it follows the same semi-elliptical design, but adds Airplay. Connecting to home network using WiFi or ethernet, you can stream content directly from an iPod, iPhone, iPad or a Mac.  36W RMS speakers, with 3.5-inch dual full-range speaker drive units and DSP corrected amplifiers, designed to produce a clear, tonally rich sound.

Colin Crawford from Pure comments: “Some day we’ll wonder why we ever had to physically connect devices, and Apple AirPlay is leading that behavioural seachange. There is nothing to beat the convenience of sitting back in your armchair to control your music collection with your iPad or iPhone, while the music itself is played beautifully and powerfully by Contour 200i Air.”

Pure has included a proprietary dock if don’t want to use Airplay or want to charge your iPhone and remote control. There’s also aux-out (for non Apple devices) and digital audio out for connecting the Contour 200i Air to a home cinema system.

The dock can be used with Pure’s Lounge app, which is portal to 16,000 digital radio stations, on-demand music, 5000 podcasts and Pure sound effects. Pure Lounge will also provide access to the Pure Music subscription service when it launches.

The Pure Contour 200i Air is scheduled for launch in the US in March for $329, there’s no news yet on UK availability of pricing.

Source: Pure


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