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Puzzld! brings wooden lift-out puzzles to your iPad

Lift-out wooden puzzles are great. Well, they are until you tread on one of the pieces when its little plastic bit is pointing upwards. Then they’re Satan’s Own Spawn.

But otherwise, they’re marvellous. Now developer WindUp Rocket has taken the idea and run with it on iPad. Its Puzzld! game is aimed squarely at kids, with six different virtual lift-out puzzles to play with.

You can drag the pieces around the board and rotate them until they fit into their holes, tilting your iPad to watch them jiggle across the board too.

There’s also an easier setting for younger children, where tilting is disabled and they don’t have to rotate the pieces to get them to fit. Completing puzzles unlocks more difficult ones, providing a bit of depth. The app is beautifully crafted, and while it will never replace the tactile fun of physical lift-out puzzles, it’s very complementary – think train and car journeys for example…


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