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Qik launches official iPhone 3GS app: Streamless

Listen up Qik fans. Last night the official Qik 3GS app appeared in the Apple App Store. It’s free to download and we’ve been testing it out this morning. The app lets you record video in portrait or landscape mode, geo-tag videos and automatically uploads a video when you have finished shooting — it does not do live streaming. You’ll also need Wi-Fi to make it all work.

We can’t say we’re not disappointed because Qik is great for live streaming videos, particularly at live events such as the Michael Jackson Moonwalk tribute a few months ago on Liverpool Street. In fact, the Qik app for jailbroken iPhones could stream video, which is why Qik is clear to point out, “If you already have Qik on your iPhone, you should know that this version is a little different.”

We’re assuming that someone, somewhere, wasn’t happy about streaming video over a 3G connection. While the official iPhone 3GS Qik app is cool and lets you share videos easily through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we’re still hoping for a streaming version in the near future. So please Apple, let it be.

You can download the app here and see our test footage here.


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