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Raumfeld Stereo Cubes Review

We review the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes, part of Raumfeld’s excellent multi-room speaker setup which connects seamlessly with your smartphone.

We’ve already reviewed the Raumfeld One S, a water-resistant speaker that connects to any iOS or Android device in order to stream your music while you bop along in the bath. The Stereo Cubes are another entry in Raumfeld’s multi-room speaker range, but these bad boys are built to boom out sound in your lounge, bedroom or any other sizeable room in your homestead.

The Cubes come as a pair, as you’d hopefully guess from the name. One is active, with full controls, a mains plug and line in sockets housed on the rear. The second is passive, simply connecting to the first.

To set the speakers up you’ll need to hook them up to your router via the bundled ethernet cable and then connect to your smartphone using the free Raumfeld app. Aside from the slog of dragging them across to your router before repositioning them where you like, the setup process is thankfully nice and straightforward – we were ready to go in just a couple of minutes.

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review: To set the speakers up you need to connect them to your router.

Once connected, you use the Raumfeld mobile app to stream your tunes to the Stereo Cubes. You can beam music direct from your handset or use online radio services such as Spotify and TuneIn, while a USB port on the back of the active speaker gives you access to any hard drive filled with tunes. In short, you’ve got plenty of options to ensure you’ll never get bored.

We had no problems with the streaming, with the speakers responding almost instantly to our taps and playing without interruption. And Raumfeld’s app allows you to connect to all of your Raumfeld units at once, as well as specific speakers, making it a solid multi-room solution.

Once connected you can use the Raumfeld mobile app to stream to the Stereo Cubes.

As for musical prowess, the Stereo Cubes are powerful but not overwhelming, enjoying a pleasing audio balance. Orchestral tracks are especially impressive, with individual instruments shining through. And bass levels and top volume are strong enough to turn your lounge into a makeshift nightclub, or at the very least annoy the hell out of your neighbours.

You can grab the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes in a white or black finish from Raumfeld’s website for £399.99.


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