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Realme X50 5G review

Realme doesn’t feel like its been around all that long but the brand has quickly made its name by bringing flagship features to a budget price point. Realme X50 5G is the best of this strategy, a simply phenomenal phone that won’t break the bank.

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What we love – 120Hz at a low price, impressive battery life, pleasing performance and decent camera

High refresh rate displays have taken over the Android market in 2020 but Realme stunned many with the reveal its sub-£300 X50 5G would include a 120Hz display. The display might not be a poppy OLED but the image quality is strong as this price and offers that super-smooth 120Hz scrolling.

While it’s by no means chunky, the Realme X50 5G doesn’t aim to be obscenely thin – leaving plenty of room for a decent battery. You’ll get 4200mAh which results in a battery that lets you push it for a full day and still end up with some left over. The X50 5G supports 30W charging – meaning you can swiftly charge up that hefty battery for those rare times when you’re caught short.

The Realme combines 6GB RAM with the increasingly popular Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G to offer snappy performance even at this delightfully low price. You can play games and multitask without any real troubles and Realme UI also whacks some helpful interface changes to Android 10 that makes your experience even smoother.

The camera setup of the X50 5G may produce one of its few weak points but, if you ignore the frills, the experience is a pleasing one for under £300. For your money, you’ll get crisp images in daylight or low light from the phone’s 48-megapixel primary sensor.

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Realme X50 5G

What we don’t like – Unnecessary camera overkill

When it comes to budget phones, manufacturers have a proclivity to whack on extra lenses in a move that comes across as a bit of quantity over quality. Thankfully, the Realme’s primary sensor is a strong one and it just didn’t need a couple of these silly add-ons.

With the X50 5G, you get an 8-megapixel ultra-wide and a pair of 2-megapixel sensors used for aiding with depth sensing and macro images. The ultra-wide does what it says on the tin but offers lower quality than the main sensor, making the images less than ideal. While the two additional cameras offer some truly dismal macro images and unsightly depth effects.


Realme X50 5G is a true marvel – offering some truly flagship specs and 5G connectivity at a budget £300 price tag. From a speedy display and strong performance to a decent main camera sensor, impressive battery and respectable design, the X50 5G might be the best value for money phone on the market right now.

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