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realMyst Android preview: Myst and Riven coming to Android!

Classic adventure game Myst is now available for Android phones and tablets, with the sequel Riven following close behind. Here’s our full preview and everything you need to know about realMyst on Android.

Myst was one of the most memorable adventure games released back in the early 90s, in large part thanks to its gorgeous visuals and mind-twisting puzzles (including that bloody maze bit which drove us all completely nuts). Almost 25 years after Myst’s launch on Mac, the game is finally coming to Android in the form of realMyst – an updated version which first emerged on our home computers in 2000.

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realMyst Android Preview: Is this the proper, full version of Myst then?

The Android version of Myst includes the full original game, complete with those classic puzzles and the brilliantly atmospheric score by Robyn Miller. In fact, original Myst developer Rand Miller was on hand to help out with this Android port, ensuring that the end product is solid.

That’s not all, though. The Android version of the game boasts all of the realMyst updates that make it even more enjoyable. That includes the new Rime Age section on top of the original ages, plus realMyst’s updated navigation system (more on this later).

Good news if you hate being stuck in adventure games too. realMyst on Android features the full Hint Guide, to help you solve any of the game’s puzzles and make it to the end in one piece.

realMyst Android Preview: Controls and controller compatibility

In the Android version of Myst, the controls are thankfully well considered. Just swipe your finger to look around, press your finger down to move forwards and tap to interact with the environment, which is a lot less stilted than the original Myst’s ‘slideshow’ presentation.

This control scheme works perfectly with an Android device’s touch screen, proving pleasingly intuitive. You can even sprint around the place or stroll backwards if you like (show off). Of course, to really appreciate the visuals and to clearly make out those vital hotspots, we recommend playing on a tablet if at all possible.

You can also use a Bluetooth controller with realMyst on Android, if you have one. That includes the Nvidia Shield controller, which we highly recommend.

realMyst Android Preview: When is Riven coming to Android?

Myst will be closely followed by an Android remake of Riven, the tough-as-old-nails sequel to Myst. So far we don’t have a set or even a vague Riven release date, but we’re hoping to see it before Summer 2017.

realMyst Android Preview: UK price and release date

realMyst for Android is available to download right now from the Google Play store, for £6.99. Adventure fans should go grab it right now.


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