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Recombu Awards 2015: Nominations for Best Phone, Tablet, Budget Phone and Accessory

The Recombu Awards 2015 will be kicking off in a secret London venue on Thursday November 19, and here’s a sneak peek at all of the mobile awards nominees, including Best Phone 2015, Best Budget Phone 2015, Best Tablet 2015 and Best Mobile Accessory 2015.

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Best Phone 2015

To win the Best Phone award, a handset has to be an all-round masterpiece. We’re talking sexy design combined with a fun and intuitive user experience and the very best hardware out there. A best-in-class camera and a gorgeous screen, plus excellent battery life and performance.

Coming up with a list of nominees for Best Phone 2015 was damn tricky, not because there weren’t any good ones, but because there were far too many. In fact, our list ended up being twice as big as we hoped, so we had to trim it down to the following thirteen mobiles.

We’ve played with loads of fantastic Androids this year, from the Sony Xperia Z5 (packing a gloriously fast and dependable 23-megapixel camera) and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 (sporting Samsung’s sexiest design to date) to the leather-bound LG G4 and all-metal HTC One M9. Then there’s Google’s own dual devices, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, made by different manufacturers but boasting similar awesome features like an accurate fingerprint sensor and seriously solid optics.

But don’t forget the likes of the Huawei Mate S, which comes packing a Force Touch screen and premium design that puts some of the big boys to shame. And then there’s the OnePlus 2 and Motorola Moto X Style, which offer tremendous value for money by packing top-class features at an affordable price.

Oh yeah, and there’s been a couple of new iPhones too…

Best Budget Phone 2015

If you’ve got £150 or less to spend on a new phone, good news: you’ve got tons of fantastic mobiles to choose from, most of them packing HD screens, decent cameras and features typically found on more expensive handsets.

The nine phones above offer impressive value for money, from the £50 Rook which still boasts 4G support on the EE network, to the colourful and user-friendly Lumia 640 running Windows. But to win Best Budget Phone 2015, these handsets have to topple the budget champion: Motorola’s Moto G, back again with a new water-resistant body and a bloody brilliant camera.

Best Tablet 2015

It’s probably no surprise to see the iPad Mini 4 in this category, with Apple’s latest mini tab packing as much power as the original iPad Air into a tiny, highly portable frame. Of course, Apple doesn’t have the Best Tablet 2015 award wrapped up just yet. To win it’ll have to beat off competition from Samsung’s similarly sexy rival, the Galaxy Tab S2, as well as Sony’s slim n’ light Xperia Z4 Tablet.

Then there’s the more affordable options which still boast top-class features like a gorgeous HD screen and slick performance: The Asus Zenpad 8 and Amazon’s Fire HD10. For half the cost of the more premium tablets here, you still get a top media experience and impressive usability.

Best Mobile Accessory 2015

2015 saw wearables finally come into their own, offering up accurate fitness tracking, week-long battery life and a design you wouldn’t be ashamed to show off in public. The Withings Activite is a thing of beauty while the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S2 pack some genuinely useful features and unique interfaces. Then you have the Gear VR, which makes virtual reality kinda cool, as well as the Kiroo with Fleshlight, which is a whole different experience…

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