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Redfly mobile dock: Connect your phone to a keyboard and screen


Sometimes reading and typing on a mobile phone screen is infuriating, especially if you’re trying to write a very long email. A few companies, including Palm, decided that it might be a good idea for people to carry around ‘mobile companions’. Devices such as the Palm Foleo and Redfly mobile companion, allowed you to connect a phone to a netbook-style device and type away on a larger keyboard. The problem with ‘mobile companions’ is that they don’t really make sense. Why carry around a dumbed-down netbook just so you can write a long email on your phone?

Celio, the company behind the Redfly mobile companion, has come up with a new product though that makes a little more sense. Today we spotted a video of the Redfly mobile dock, aka Moab, which allows you to connect your phone via a small box to a screen and keyboard. We’re not sure if it’s compatible with standard peripherals but if it is then all you need to do is carry around the ‘Moab’ and connect it to existing kit. Of course, many phones come with desktop software that allows you to connect them to your computer but unlike the Celio Moab solution, few offer a full view of your mobile’s screen.

Celio has a European store but the mobile dock isn’t listed yet and we’re not sure about pricing but we expect it to be much cheaper than the mobile companion.


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