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Reports of death greatly exaggerated, as BlackBerry adds 1 million new subscribers in EMEA- in 3 weeks

As RIM continues to struggle with alleged staff grumbles, and pins its hopes on the forthcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 to win back customers lost to the likes of Apple and Android, BlackBerry’s official Twitter account has announced that they’ve still managed  to grab another 1 million users in under three weeks.

Tweeting yesterday, “Pow! @BlackBerry continues momentum across EMEA with 1 Million+ new subscribers added in less than 3 weeks. #teamblackberry ^CH.”

It’s always a good tweet when it starts with a pow; although these figures are limited to the EMEA region, covering Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, it’s a strong reminder of how much clout BlackBerry still has- especially with businesses.

But with the likes of the iPhone and Android phones both bringing security features, business-centric apps and generally being more desirable to normal consumers, RIM are going to have to fight hard to maintain their current position.

Apple has been particularly aggressive with the new features announced last month, BlackBerry, whilst there’s rumours of BlackBerry smear campaigns also doing the rounds. Are RIM the new Nokia?

The BlackBerry Bold 9900, set to arrive in the next few months, will have the very latest editon of BlackBerry OS, version 7, with many BB fans awaiting a new smartphone that’s powered by the same software found in BlackBerry’s first tablet, the PlayBook.


Source: Twitter

Via: TraceyandMatt


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