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Rumour: LG Optimus 3D to get Sky 3D content

Barely officially announced by Korean phone giant LG, the Optimus 3D is already fast becoming a major target for 3D content. Having already announced a deal to share and show 3D video on YouTube’s special 3D channel, according to an un-named source, Sky may be bringing TV and Sport content to the glasses-free 3D phone.

Sky, having already backed LG’s TV sets in the run-up to the opening of their own 3D channels, Tech Digest mentions that Sky even had demonstration videos running on the Optimus 3D demo handsets.

LG currently have nothing to say, though their Mobile PR manager, Jerome Demare, said to expect an “important” announcement on their 3D phone in the next few weeks.

Given that the phone has only just been officially unveiled, we’d expect several more major announcements before the Optimus 3D finally hits UK phone shops. We’re especially looking forward to the announcement of some tailor-made 3D games and apps through Android’s store.

One of the major concerns for the 3D phone is making sure that there is enough content to make use of the technology, and Sky would certainly solve this. However, 3D movies may be a bit wasted on the 4.3-inch screen, though that would still bet a better use than yoga tutelage…

Source: Tech Digest


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