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Rumour: Motorola working on an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. Is this the Nexus Tablet?

The Next Nexus story takes another turn with this latest slice of gossip; Motorola is reportedly working on a follow-up tablet to the Xoom (pictured above) that’ll run on Ice Cream Sandwich.

This mystery device is purported to have a 10-inch screen with a 4:3 display ratio and an eyebrow-raising resolution of 2048×1536.

The source confirmed this to Fudzilla (translated), who also said that the tablet is “significantly thinner than [the] Xoom” and runs on ICS. Though the source couldn’t confirm what chips were inside, they’re assuming that it’s a quad-core Tegra 3 chip aka Kal-El.

Given that Nvidia says that Kal-El can support resolutions of up to 2560×1600, so something with that kind of resolution would have to have a Tegra 3 – or something of equivalent power – inside it.

Nex-yes or Nex-nay?

Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves with the idea that this could be the (or even a) Nexus Tablet. But given that the Xoom was a flagship Honeycomb tablet of sorts (it was the one that Google used to show off Android 3.0 to the world at its big February event) it’s not really a stretch to see Motorola and Google working together on a Nexus device.

The current theory that Google is working with multiple phone manufacturers to create several Nexus devices to showcase ICS. Previously, we’d heard that LG might be working on a Nexus tab (something that has neither been denied or confirmed) and that both Samsung and HTC could be both working on Nexus phones.

Ice Cream Sandwich, as you’ve probably heard by now, is mainly about creating a unified Android experience on tablets and phones. So it’d make sense so demonstrate just that by working on Nexus devices with a range of manufacturers.

Back in June, Pocketnow unearthed a series of screengrabs that appeared to show off a range of new Motorola devices, including a Xoom 2 tablet. It’s possible then than this ‘10-inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet’ is just that and not a Nexus device. Or maybe it’s all just a big hoax.

Motorola however did request that Pocketnow take the images down, so maybe the Xoom 2/Nexus Xoom – or whatever it was – is real after all.

Motorola declined to comment on this or the latest rumour. We’re waiting to hear back from Nvidia.

Update: Nvidia got back to us, but declined to comment on the rumour.

Via: Android Community, NotebookItalia


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