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Rumour: Nokia N9 not dead. Nokia-Windows Phone 7 tests “positive”

Aside from the rumoured ‘pouring gasoline on their own burning platform’ memo, another bit of gossip hidden in the background was that the forthcoming Nokia N9 had been canned.

Now according to PhoneReport, the Nokia N9 itself has not been cancelled completely, and that testing by Nokia of Windows Phone 7 on the phone was “presenting positive results.”

Their anonymous sources went further, saying that running the N9 on their own MeeGo OS, results were “highly unsatisfactory”, worse still, that the system crashed “all the time”. Doesn’t exactly bode well for the future of MeeGo, does it?

Earlier this week, according to Reuters, Nokia insiders had told the news agency that development of the N8 sequel had been cancelled.

The N9 was to be powered by Nokia-developed MeeGo, meant to be Nokia’s final attempt to claw back those smartphone customers lost to Apple and Android in recent years, but it still hasn’t seen the light of day.

Cue much chin-stroking from those reading into that ‘leaked’ memo that a Nokia-Microsoft love-in was on the cards.

The prediction gathering most traction is that Nokia would co-develop a Nokia-branded phone, powered from the inside by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. This would combine the manufacturing might and phone experience of Nokia with Microsoft’s software development skills and infrastructure.

Perhaps a winning combination, though Google’s Vice-President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra, sees it as more of a turkey. There’s probably an Angry Birds joke in there somewhere.

We wait for tomorrow, as our sources close to Nokia tell us that a big announcement is on its way.


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