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Rumours of new iPads in April and the iPhone 5S in August

Apple’s next major tablet range may be on the cards to arrive next month, one year on from the arrival of the pre-Lightning connector laden iPad 3, whilst the successor to the iPhone 5; the iPhone 5S could take to the stage four months later in August.

Both of these approximate arrival dates come from iMore who in turn claim to have received word on such timings from “sources familiar with the plans. ” Despite the arrival of a new iPad and indeed and iPad Mini successor this Easter fitting in with the one year anniversary of the iPad 3’s launch, Apple have since knocked their own release schedule out of whack thanks to the introduction of the iPad 4 and original iPad Mini, both of which Tim Cook unveiled side by side in October year. Following the reception the more recent Apple tablets were met with, so soon after the previous iPad had launched, it would appear unwise to continue to push such a short lifecycle for each iteration.

Apple iPhone 5 pre-release render by Martin Utrecht
Martin Utrecht’s hyper realistic iPhone 5 render, will he do give the iPhone 5S the same treatment?

Martin Utrecht’s hyper realistic iPhone 5 render, will he give the iPhone 5S the same treatment?

Meanwhile the arrival of the Apple iPhone 5S in August looks like it could better hold water. With the iPhone 5 trying to squeeze all that the iPhone 4S had to offer into a tighter, taller, slimmer package, the 5S looks to simply build on the newly made footprint. Expect the same 4-inch display, a new Apple A7 processor (potentially quad-core), a larger or at the very least more efficient battery, a higher resolution 12 or 13-megapixel camera and a dual-mode LED flash with the ability to choose from shooting white or yellow light depending on conditions.

All we really have a is a fractionally clearer picture of Apple’s plans for their 2013 range, but like every year, we use these rumours to chip away at fragments of truth amidst the homogeneous cloud of hearsay.


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