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Sacré bleu! If you change your iPhone’s location to France, you might get faster performance

A benchmarking test seems to show that older iPhones perform better when the locations settings are changed to France, due to legal proceedings in that country.

It’s now a known fact that Apple has slowed down its iPhones performance over the years, in order to preserve battery life. This resulting in having to pay a €25 million fine in France, due to not informing customers of the post-purchase tweaking of their devices. Now, a new investigation has revealed one of the unexpected results of the legal proceedings.

According to GizChina, changing the location settings on an iPhone 7 will result in an observably faster performance. The report shows a significant uptick in both AnTuTu and Geekbench scores (both widely-used industry standards) after the change is made, though the same thing does not happen when the location is changed on a modern Apple device such as the iPhone 12 Pro.

It’s not confirmed yet whether any other changes will also come as part and parcel of the location update. What I’m saying is, there’s not guarantee you won’t develop a taste for luxurious all-butter pastries, start smoking copious amounts of Gauloise cigarettes, and obsess over depressing existentialist philosophy, while becoming considerably more attractive thanks to that certain je ne sais quoi.

The same report notes that changing the location does not seem to have the same effect in other countries. While Apple was reprimanded for pulling the same stunt in China, the authorities concluded that the brand would have to reduce the price of replacement batteries and add a ‘battery health’ feature in the software so that users can check up on it. 







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