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Samsung blocks leaked Samsung Galaxy S3 S-Voice app

Just a few days ago we reported on a leaked Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM, complete with S-Voice – Samsung’s version of Apple’s Siri, a voice-controlled assistant.

Following the leak a number of these downloads have been showing up with ‘Network error’ when S-Voice was launch. Now Samsung has officially confirmed to The Verge that it has blocked the S-Voice app. Samsung commented that the leaked version was a ‘test version’ and would not be representative of the final product:

 Samsung's S-Voice in action, screen shot from The Verge 

“An initial test version of S Voice which was found online has been blocked as Samsung Electronics does not want consumers to judge the quality of the voice feature based on a test version. When the product is launched, users of GALAXY S III will be able to fully experience S Voice.”

In addition Samsung did not confirm if the if S-Voice will be making its way onto other Samsung devices outside of the Galaxy S3.

It looks as though we’ll be waiting for the S-Voice grand unveiling – and how it compares to Siri – when the Samsung Galaxy S3 is released at the end of the month then. Spoil-sports.


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