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Samsung Corby: A trouser press phone?

When we first heard about the Samsung Corby we hoped it was a flip phone designed to look like a Corby trouser press. Sadly, for trouser press fans and Alan Partridge this is not the case. It is instead a touchscreen phone, optimised for social networking on the go.

The Samsung Corby lets you update your status and keep track of friends on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. It also boasts support for YouTube, Flickr and Photobucket but there’s no 3G or Wi-Fi disappointingly, so Internet access won’t be speedy.

Exchangeable cover fans will be glad to hear that the Corby lets you change the back cover and comes with two additional covers in the box. Samsung says that a wider range of coloured Jackets will be made available soon.

Other features include an FM radio and a 2-megapixel camera but sadly no flash. It might not sound like an amazing phone but the LG Cookie proved that there is a demand for low cost touchscreen phones and lots of people update Facebook and Twitter using a mobile now.

There’s no word yet on which networks will be carrying this or how much it will cost, but we expect it will be available for around £140 on pay as you go and free on monthly contracts. Data costs will depend on the network and deal you’re on.




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