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Samsung G600 Review


Samsung pumps out yet another slider phone, this time it’s the G600, a slim slider with a 5-megapixel camera. This basic phone doesn’t seem to have much to offer other than its camera so is there anything special about it?

What we like
The G600’s 5-megapixel camera comes with autofocus, 4x digital zoom for taking close-ups and an LED photo. Just like a standalone digital camera you can make setting changes to capture more interesting images and edit them using the G600’s built-in software. Two useful camera modes are panorama mode which lets you take pictures of wide views such as landscapes, and macro mode for detailed and focused close-up shots.

What we don’t like
Despite it being thinner than some other slider phones, the G600 looks boring and is very similar to other Samsung models. We wish Samsung had given its wardrobe a bit of a once over here. Features-wise there’s nothing to shout home about either, there’s no 3G, no GPS and no Wi-Fi, so if you’re looking for a super phone then this isn’t it.

The Samsung G600 is a well-built, slim slider phone that has a decent 5-megapixel camera onboard. The unimaginative design and lacklustre features will have you yearning for more though, so our advice is to wait until something better comes out.




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