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Samsung Galaxy 3D: Is Sammy planning a 3D smartphone?

According to Korean news site ETNews, Samsung appear to be working on their own 3D device; positioning itself as a rival to LG’s Optimus 3D.

Samsung are reportedly set to be aiming for a launch by the end of 2011; and it looks like they’ll be going for a smartphone form factor, running Android 2.3, with a dual-core processor at 1.2GHz – matching Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S2.

Similarly, the Galaxy 3D’s will reportedly have a Super AMOLED screen.

ETNews has past form when it comes to future Samsung handset leaks; it managed to glean most of the major features of the Galaxy S2 ahead of Samsung’s official announcement.

The screen will be an expansive 4.3 inch, with an 8-megapixel auto-focus camera. It appears you’ll also be able to share through a HMDI port – with compatible 3D TVs.

Samsung will have to compete with both LG and HTC, who are also preparing their own glasses-free 3D phone, the Evo 3D for the UK. HTC’s phone is already out in the US, in a special 4G guise.

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Source: ETNews




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