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Samsung Galaxy Ace coming to Three in February

Just as Samsung announces its new range of Galaxy phones, we hear that Three will be selling the Galaxy Ace next month.

No word on pricing or an exact release date yet, but it looks as though it’ll be available on Three’s all you can eat The One Plan. Three is promoting the fact that the 2.2/Froyo-powered Galaxy Ace can be used as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and, that The One Plan “means you can use this Wi-Fi hotspot function to your heart’s content.”

The guys at Three have also put up this video, featuring their own Brendan Arndt. Wait for the part at 1:04. Nice shower cap Brendan!

Other features of the Galaxy Ace get shown off in the vid, such as it’s textured back for extra grip, the ultra-bright LED flash and the loudness of the external speaker.

As soon as more details regarding pricing and a UK release date emerge we’ll let you know.


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