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Samsung Galaxy Ace decloaks: Galaxy S Mini in disguise?

Last week we saw the Samsung Galaxy S2 warping out of Rumourspace with the Galaxy S Mini following close behind. Now another Samsung Galaxy phone has appeared, but one thats looking a bit familiar.

Like the S Mini, the Samsung Galaxy Ace looks to be a very pocketable (i.e. small) feature phone. It reportedly runs on Android 2.2/Froyo, and judging from the pic above, the camera comes with a flash.

Little else is know about this device, but Eurodroid, is saying that it’s product name is S5830 – the product name which we thought has been assigned to the S Mini.

Eurodroid also mentions another feature phone, the Samsung Galaxy Suit (above, right). The oddly named Galaxy Suit is described as “Samsung’s HTC Wildfire” and also runs on Froyo.

We’re heading out to Mobile World Congress next month where we expect to see many official unveilings of Samsung phones, so stay tuned. We’ve asked Samsung for some comment and are waiting to hear back.


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