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Samsung Galaxy ad takes on Apple iPhone queue dwellers

Samsung Mobile USA has launched a new TV ad where it explicitly targets Apple and Apple fan culture

The advert is for the Samsung Galaxy S2, which has only just launched in the US. In it, Apple fans are queuing outside the Apple Store seemingly waiting for a new phone.

Apple customers are not portrayed in the most flattering light, comments from Apple customers in the ‘queue’ include: ‘Nine hours time and we’re almost in the door’ and ‘If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded.’

Queue dwellers then spy someone using a Samsung Galaxy S2 and are instantly impressed by the screen and of course 4G.

Even if you are an Apple fan, it’s worth checking out the video below, it’s a rather amusing take on the fan culture that surrounds an iPhone launch – as a member of the waiting queue says: ‘This is an event.’ Although we do find it quite telling that Samsung is referencing Apple so blatantly through its advertising. Would Apple be quite so explicit?

Via: 9 to 5 Mac Via: Mac Observer


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