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Samsung Galaxy: Arriving on O2 this week?

To name a phone after a mass of stars and planets does smack slightly of arrogance, but then Samsung could have named it after the diet-killing chocolate bar — so we’ll let it off this time. Samsung has a good track record and we guess it’s earned the right to go a little bit prog rock with its latest touchscreen gadget.

Register Hardware has suggested that the UK may get a taste of the Galaxy very soon indeed. According to Reg Hardware, we may even get to see the Galaxy up close and personal as soon as this week. It’s been a long time coming as the Galaxy was first rumoured several months ago and we’ve been very curious to see what this Android handset can do.

In terms of raw specs the Galaxy can certainly handle itself. It has a 528MHz processor, 3.2-inch capacitive OLED and 8GB of internal memory. Combine this with a 5-megapixel camera with Wi-Fi and GPS functionality, and you have a phone that could be a winner. There’s no information about pricing yet as O2 won’t even confirm the launch date but we would expect to see the Galaxy available for free on a monthly contract.



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