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Samsung has reportedly sold 800,000 Galaxy Gears

Reuters reports that Samsung has “sold” 800,000 units of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch so far. As a result, the South Korean company believes the Galaxy Gear is the most popular smartwatch in the world, with sales surpassing the company’s original expecatations. Having said that, Samsung is referring to sales to retailers, not sales through to regular human beings. There could be 800,000 units still sitting on store shelves and warehouses for all we know.

The news comes after a report from Business Korea claiming that Samsung had only sold 50,000 units so far, but that figure is limited to South Korea. Samsung’s 800,000 number incudes worldwide shipments. The same report says that sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Round – a curved version of the Note 3 – have barely reached 10,000 units so far. Still, Samsung didn’t plan a wide release for that particular device.


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