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Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) in a nutshell: Specs, Smart Glow and UK info

The Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) is a super-budget 5-inch mobile phone that’s just been launched in India, boasting some decent specs and features including the nifty Smart Glow notification ring. Here’s all you need to know about the Galaxy J2 (2016), including the potential UK price and release date.

What is the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)?

Last year saw the launch of the first Galaxy J2 handset, a budget 4.7-inch blower that still impressed with some decent specs for an asking price of just over £100. For 2016, Samsung has updated the Galaxy J2 with a bigger screen and new internals, for roughly the same cost.

The Galaxy J2 (2016) has just launched in India and will be on sale there from next week.

What are the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) specs?

The new 2016 edition of the Galaxy J2 boasts a 5-inch HD display, packing a 1280×720 pixel resolution. A quad-core 1.5GHz processor (chipset unknown) is backed by 1.5GB of RAM, for running Android Marshmallow. Meanwhile the Galaxy J2 (2016)’s 2600mAh battery is a decent size for a budget phone and should offer solid battery life.

That plastic frame is 8mm thick and comes in a choice of gold, black and white. On the back you’ll find an 8-megapixel camera, while the front houses a 5-megapixel selfie camera. Rounding off the Galaxy J2 (2016)’s specs is 8GB of internal storage, complete with a microSD memory card slot. And you also get Samsung’s new Smart Glow notification ring on the back of the phone.

What is Smart Glow notifications?

Samsung’s new Smart Glow notifications feature is an LED ring surrounding the rear camera lens. This glows a different colour depending on the type of notification you’ve received, just like a standard notifications LED.

You can customise what colour (green, blue or red) the Smart Glow ring turns for each contact, so you know whether one of your priority contacts is trying to get through. And the Selfie Assist feature detects your face when you’re taking a selfie with the rear camera and glows blue to let you know the phone is ready to take a shot.

What’s the difference between the Samsung Galaxy J2 and the Galaxy J2 (2016)?

The main difference between the Galaxy J2 from 2015 and this year’s new Galaxy J2 2016 is that Smart Glow ring, but you also get a performance boost in the Galaxy J2 2016, including an extra half-gig of RAM and Samsung’s ‘Turbo Speed Technology’ feature which makes the phone more efficient.

Compared with last year’s J2, this new model is also bigger (5-inches versus 4.7-inches).

What’s the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) UK price and release date?

So far there’s no official UK price and release date for the Galaxy J2 (2016) and chances are you’ll have to import the phone if you’re interested. Minus import fees, the Galaxy J2 should cost just over £100. It’s out in India from next week.


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