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Samsung Galaxy Nexus appears in Verizon listings in the US ahead of 19th October event

So, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus it appears to be. We’ve seen a rather iffy holding page for a ‘Nexus Prime’ popping up earlier this week; now there’s this a screengrab, apparently from a Verizon inventory, that all but confirms the name of the next Nexus as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Sadly, there’s nothing else here in the way of specs that confirm the current favourite rumours (4.65-inch screen, 720p res, Super AMOLED screen, 5-megapixel 1080p recording camera) save for a mention that it’ll be compatible with Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

We’re obviously expecting that there’ll be a GSM version for us 4G-less Brits as well, unless Google and Samsung plan on targeting a super-niche market in one part of Cornwall.

Sadly there’s nothing much else to go on here other than a mysterious picture that’s popped up on Picasa. Spotted by a plucky tipster who fired it over to the guys at Phandroid, the EXIF data of this picture below said that it was “apparently snapped by none other than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus”.

Incidentally, the chap on the right is apparently Google software engineer Denis Lynch; who else would have a Galaxy Nexus on them right now than a fellow Google employee? Any takers on whose behind the camera here? Andy Rubin? Eric Schmidt?

The Picasa link is sadly all ‘Sorry, that page was not found’ – its been pulled, so we can’t see the delicious EXIF data for ourselves.

These little nuggets both very much point to Galaxy Nexus being the final, finished name for the new Nexus phone. Not Nexus Prime, not Nexus 3, but Galaxy Nexus.

The Google/Samsung love-in, planned for earlier this week has been rescheduled for next Wednesday the 19th. Pending something earth-shattering that could put the brakes on this, we’ll know for sure by then.

Source: DroidLife via Phone Arena, Picasa via Phandroid


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