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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 will be the first mobile to pack a 4K screen

Samsung could well be preparing something a little bit special for the release of the Galaxy Note 5: a 4K Ultra HD AMOLED screen.

The recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s display is absolutely stunning, but rumours have already begun to circulate that Samsung will up the ante even further with the Galaxy Note 5, by including a 5.9-inch 4K Ultra HD AMOLED display, delivering an eye-popping 746ppi.

A report by Phone Arena claims that Samsung has already chosen the display for its next phablet, with the UHD Super AMOLED screen being boosted in size (from 5.7-inches) as well as resolution.

The Galaxy Note 5 will apparently enter production in August, ready for the phablet to be unveiled next autumn. If the tip turns out to be true, it would possibly see the Note 5 go down in history as the first phone rocking a 4K screen. That crazy resolution would dwarf the 2K display of Google’s Nexus 6 and positively destroy the paltry 326ppi panel which faces Apple’s newly minted iPhone 6.

That Samsung is moving towards 4K displays should be no great surprise. The company has already confirmed that it’s developing an Ultra HD Super AMOLED display with a 2160×3840 resolution, so reports that said panel could be heading to the next Galaxy Note make perfect sense.

At this rate, Samsung will have few surprises at its launch events next year. We’ve already seen the Galaxy S6 leak in spectacular fashion this week, revealing specs that we pretty much expected from the next big flagship device.


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