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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall: What to do in the UK and Ireland

A battery problem which has affected a small number of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones worldwide has triggered a mass recall from the manufacturer Samsung. Here’s what you need to know if you live in the UK or Ireland and you’ve already bought the Galaxy Note 7, and how to replace your phone.

Why is Samsung recalling all Galaxy Note 7 handsets?

On September 2, Samsung announced that there was a technical issue with some of its Galaxy Note 7 mobile devices. This problem affects the battery, which in a small number of cases has killed the handset stone dead.

These problems aren’t isolated to a single country, either. A handful of Galaxy Note 7 users scattered across the globe have reported the same problem.

Samsung has decided to put its customers’ health and safety first, and at considerable expense is recalling the first batch of Galaxy Note 7s that recently went on sale.

What should I do if I’ve already bought a Galaxy Note 7? Can I swap it for another?

If you’ve already bought the Galaxy Note 7 then you are eligible for Samsung’s Product Exchange Programme. This means that your old phone will be swapped for a new one, even if you haven’t experienced any technical issues.

This Note 7 exchange program kicks off in the UK and the rest of the world on September 19, 2016.

The good news is, you don’t need to do a thing for now. You should be contacted by the operator or provider who sold you the Note 7 on or around September 19, and they will organise a replacement phone. In the meantime, be vigilant if you’re using your Note 7 and if possible swap to another handset until after you’re sent the replacement.

What if I’ve pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7 and it hasn’t arrived?

The reason for your pre-order not arriving is most likely because Samsung halted the shipment, due to this issue. Samsung apologises to all pre-order customers who still haven’t received their Note 7, and have stated that anyone still waiting should receive their shiny new mobile soon.

How do I get more information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall programme?

If you want further information about the Galaxy Note 7 recall and exchange programme, you can check out Samsung’s Note 7 webpage or call the Samsung customer service team on 0330 7261000.


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