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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with 3-sided screen incoming?

Samsung patents the name ‘Galaxy Note Edge’, suggesting that its three-sided screen technology might be released in smartphone form real soon. But what actual use will a tri-sided phone display be?

We’ve already seen a funky three-sided phone display from Samsung, although so far only in concept form, not in an actual marketable mobile. But now it looks like the curved screen tech could make it into a proper Samsung smartphone, as the Korean company registers the ‘Galaxy Note Edge’ brand.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge could appear in the UK sporting 3-sided display

Photo by The Verge

What form the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will take is anyone’s guess, but it’s safe to predict that the new phone will be a bit of a behemoth, like previous Note handsets.

We’re expecting the next Galaxy Note phone (currently known as the Galaxy Note 4) to be launched on September 3rd in Berlin, and way back in May there was talk of the Galaxy Note 4 rocking a flexible screen, from no less than Samsung’s vice president of mobile. So perhaps this Galaxy Note Edge monicker is actually the secret new name for the Galaxy Note 4, and we’ll be seeing this new curved screen in just three weeks?

Personally we’re expecting the Galaxy Note Edge to be a whole other device if it does eventually emerge, most likely in 2015. And while a screen that stretches around the left and right edges of a handset would be pretty cool, we’re not too sure what use it would be.

We’d far prefer a screen that stretched across the top edge of a phone instead. After all, these massive phablets are already poking free of our pockets, so you could simply squint down each time you feel your handset vibrate and see at a glance what notifications are waiting, similar to a smartwatch. But then, that’s not much good if you carry your phone in a bag, and where would you put the earphone jack? Shows what we know, bunch of bloody amateurs.

What do you think the Galaxy Note Edge will look like when it emerges, and what uses will that three-sided screen have? Give us a shout in the comments below.



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