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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro hands-on preview

We went hands-on with Samsung’s massive 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro at CES 2014. Although it may seem unwieldy, it’s actually a very useful piece of business kit, with fast hardware, cool software and excellent multitasking capability.

The huge new 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro tablet is a beast no doubt, but that spacious screen, combined with the excellent S-Pen stylus and Samsung’s multitasking-friendly software, makes it a drool-worthy piece of business kit. Our main man Rory Reid hit the CES 2014 show floor to get his mitts on one, check out the video below for his hands-on impressions.



That 12.2-inch display offers an impressive 2560×1600-pixel resolution, so the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro should be a star for productivity as well as kicking back with a movie or two. It’s bright, crisp and colourful, as we’d expect from Samsung.

The Galaxy Note Pro’s biggest new feature is the Magazine UX interface, a welcome change to the standard uber-bright TouchWiz affair. Magazine UX is built around multi-tasking, allowing you to play with up to four apps side-by-side, and even place additional apps over the top as windows.

A good thing, then, that the Galaxy Note Pro also packs in a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor (quad-core, naturally) plus a whopping 3GB of RAM, to cope with those multiple apps. The Snapdragon seemed to handle things smoothly during our play time, while the massive 9500mAh battery should provide all-day productivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is due to hit stores in March, although there’s no current UK pricing for the Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE models.



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