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Samsung Galaxy phone range expanded and simplified: Galaxy W, R, and Y

Attempting to keep a hold on the multitude of Galaxy Android phones, Samsung have decided to organise all their new phones into five groups, and will unveil four new phones at tech conference IFA in Germany this week.

S will signify Sammy’s flagship, high-end phones, like the current Galaxy S2, and the best-selling Galaxy S.

R (for royal or refined) will be assigned to “premium category models” that balance power and performance.

W (wonder) models will show off Samsung’s styling chops, whilst M (magical!) will tag cheaper priced models.

Y (Young) Galaxy phones will be at entry-level prices, aimed at emerging smartphone markets and young users.

There’s also a new handful of suffixes; Pro indicates a QWERTY keyboard, whilst Plus means it’s an upgrade of an existing Galaxy smartphone.

The first Samsung to pick up the new naming conventions is the Galaxy W,  running on a single-core 1.4GHz processor, it arrives with a 3.7-inch touch screen. Like the rest of the new phone selection, it’ll come packed with Android 2.3 and Samsung’s collection of TouchWiz features.

The Samsung Galaxy M Pro has a ‘magical’ QWERTY keyboard, aiming itself squarely at business smartphone users. It’s coupled with a trackpad and capacitive touchscreen, so there’s plenty of ways to navigate around the phone.

The Galaxy Y is Sammy’s new ‘yoof’ effort, with an 832 MHz processor and arriving with the Swype custom keyboard straight out of the box.

The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro has similar specs, but is another QWERTY model. More concrete specs- and hopefully hands-on pictures – when we get them.

Picture via: Phandroid


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