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Samsung Galaxy Pro revealed: Coming to Three UK

Not even on the Samsung UK site, their Galaxy Pro is the latest sneaky addition to the Galaxy family.
It’s now also mobile-phone naming convention that if it comes with a hard keyboard(one with real buttons) then it’s a Pro.

There’s also a petite 2.8-inch touch-screen, whose contents can be re-jigged and added to with Android 2.2.
The Froyo version of Google’s OS also mean s you can setup wireless hotspots from your phone to connect laptops and other wireless gizmos to the internet through 3G.

Though both Sammy and 3G seem eager to push Samsung’s new Social Hub, announced alongside the Galaxy S II at Samsung’s Unpacked event, but we’ve found combining social and work emails can often end in disaster, or at least in a confused interface where you’re not sure what you’re sending to whom. Expect it to come with the other hubs outlined by Samsung, included music.

Sylvia Chind, Head of Branded Devices at Three, says: “We’re very excited about the Samsung Galaxy Pro – it’s great to add new form factors to our range of smartphones.”

There’s a three-megapixel camera, and it should all run along on 800MHz. Looks-wise, it looks like Samsung want to snatch some BlackBerry lovers and show them what Android can do with a ‘proper’ keyboard.

Three have also announced that the Galaxy mini will also be coming to the data-loving network.

With a three-inch touchscreen, and a 600MHz processor, the tiny smartphone doesn’t have a flash, but the mini’s  three-megapixel camera matches the Galaxy Pro camera specs.

Here’s the guys at Three showing off the Galaxy Pro. More details (dates please!) when we hear them.


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