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Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab won’t be getting Ice Cream Sandwich after all?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S or a Samsung Galaxy Tab and were looking forward to updating your relatively new device to Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming year, Samsung have recentely revealed to that ICS won’t be making it to the phone and tablet.

That said, you won’t be completely left behind. With ICS benefits including improved camera performance, speed and graphics, Samsung will endevour to release a value pack offering much of these boosts for the Gingerbread laden Galaxys.

The reason Samsung suggest an upgrade to ICS isn’t going to hit these devices is down to RAM and TouchWiz. Apparently there’s not enough RAM to ensure TouchWiz operates as well as it needs to. Naturally, while many might prefer the Korean mobile giant sacrifice TouchWiz in favour of ICS, custom launchers are sacrosanct in terms of brand and user-experience differentiation on the Android platform, so this seems wholly unlikely.

With any luck, the Value Pack will land at the same time as ICS or before to ease the frustration of disgruntled Galaxy S / Tab owners.

Source: via: Android Central


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