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Samsung Galaxy S getting Android 2.2 (Froyo) in September

So you’ve literally just bought a Samsung Galaxy S and already you’re already ready for more, more, more? Good news then: you’ll be enjoying the chilled yoghurty delights of Android 2.2 in September, Samsung UK has confirmed via Twitter.

A crack team of developers is working hard to get the software ready so that you’ll keep that smooth Touchwiz user interface while enjoying the added benefits of Froyo. All networks should be getting the update at the end of September 2010 – that’s just two short months away.

Installing apps to SD card, Wi-Fi tethering, Flash compatabiliy – that’s just a taster of the updates you’ll enjoy with Android 2.2. Check out our hands-on here.

Update: According to Android Community, T-Mobile has announced on its forums that the Froyo update will be rolled out by the end of the month. In order to get it you’ll need to have Samsung’s Kies software installed on your Windows PC. Unfortunately for Mac and Linux users, Samsung Kies is a Windows-only jobbie – better ask one of your PC owning mates if you can use their machine sometime. You can download Samsung Kies here.

[Twitter via Android Central]



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