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Samsung Galaxy S II: Photo gallery

See that? That’s only 8.49mm of phone there.

Close-up of the Samsung Galaxy S II and its 8-megapixel camera.

A shot of the Samsung Galaxy S II from underneath, showing off the 3.5mm audio jack, 8-megapixel camera and that all-important power button.

The Samsung Galaxy S II’s 8-megapixel camera in action. There’s a near infinite list of settings, effects and modes to tinker with and choose from. That little icon in the top left switches between the main 8-meagpixel camera and the front-facing video call camera.

A quick picture taken on the main camera using the standard settings and no effects. We were impressed by not only the sharpness and clarity of the picture but also the speed at which the Galaxy S II took and processed the shot. Results were near instantaneous.

Web pages look very nice on the Galaxy S II as well. Our home page took a while to load, though that was probably due to the Wi-Fi connection being shared by countless other devices in the room. But when it did it looks great; pinch to zoom is very slick and breezy.


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