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Samsung Galaxy S II: Spotted at Play, expect to pay £650.







Eagle-eyed people at GSM Arena have spotted Samsung’s super-slim flagship phone at, who want you to part with £650 for a SIM-free version.

This is the latest spot in a string of price leaks for the latest must-have handsets.
This isn’t the first price we’ve heard for the Galaxy S II, one of the stand-out new phones announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress.  Earlier this week, the phone was spotted on Expansys’ site, at the same price.

The Galaxy S II wowed us with its tiny profile, and massive technical specs, going toe-to-toe with other dual-core phones, with additional connectivity features and that 2011 buzzword, NFC.

The Galaxy  S sequel now has an improved SAMOLED Plus screen, meaning it’ll suck up less power and be even less reflective. The Galaxy S II also has an expanded 4.3 inches multi-touch screen.

Play goes so far as to give an expected arrival date; 31 March 2011. At least it’s soon after payday. Gruel for the rest of April then.


Via: GSM Arena


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