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Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update rolls out for sim-free phone: Orange and T-Mobile still waiting

UPDATE: Both Orange and T-Mobile have now confirmed that the long-anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update will begin its roll out tomorrow and should be available to all Samsung Galaxy S2 owners on their networks by Sunday. T-Mobile stated, “We’ve been working closely with Samsung on this, and we can confirm that we will be rolling out the ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S2 from 22nd April,” whilst Orange made their announcement via Twitter.

Samsung tweeted earlier today that the much anticipated Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is not only coming to SIM-free devices but some carrier-locked handsets too.

It’s fair to say that the UK roll out of Android Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been less than smooth. Many users who had been eagerly waiting to pull it from the Kies desktop client either found the message ‘Device Unknown’ waiting for them or encountered problems mid-download.

In a tweet Samsung UK posted earlier today, they assured users that they have been “working as hard as possible over the last few weeks” to bring the update out by today. As such, for many of you there’s a good chance that you can finally plug your S2 in and pull the update down from the Kies desktop client.

Those on Orange or T-Mobile however will have to continue to play the waiting game as the update is yet to become available for devices tied to these networks.

Samsung states: We can confirm that ‘XEU/sim-free’ and all network upgrades are now complete except for Orange and T-Mobile which will follow as soon as possible, pending software testing and approvals. Thanks again for your patience.’

Based on what Samsung has stated, these carrier-specific updates have yet to undergo software testing and approval, a process with no clear timeframe for completion.

If you need help updating and you’re not on Orange or T-Mobile, we’ve already taken the time to make a video walkthrough detailing the process. Follow it to the letter and you’ll be enjoying the latest that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has to offer in no time.

Let us know when you’ve picked it up via our Twitter feed (@Recombu), we’d love to hear what you think.


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