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Samsung Galaxy S2: More details. Codename Seine?

More details have come out courtesy of Korean news-site, Nocut News.

Ahead of more details on February 1st, they report that we can expect Android 2.3, the latest Gingerbread flavour of Android, powered by dual-core Orion processors. Yep; another dual-core monster.

Expect NFC, meaning pay-with-your-phone technology, with 1080 high-definition video recording and an eight-megapixel camera for stills.

We’re intrigued by the mention of ‘personal cloud computing’, but we’ll have to wait for more info. Could we expect some sort of online storage system, collaborative documents, online editing? Maybe.

This will all be reportedly packed into a phone less than a centimeter thick, with a 4.3-inch screen. We hope to get some more concrete details and, hopefully, a picture at the start of February, if not at industry conference, Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona next month.

Via; Nocut News, via; Unwired View


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