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Samsung Galaxy S2 plagued by ICS update problems

The Ice Cream Sandwich update is rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S2 at the moment but it seems a number of users have had problems downloading it using Kies.

The problem seems to be a USB connection issue that leaves users with a “Device Unknown” message and won’t allow them to apply the ICS update.

“Shame that many of us S2 users can’t connect our S2 to our computers. Via USB I get the ‘Device Unknown’ issue that is mentioned on many forums,” said user Tom on Facebook page. “Via Wi-Fi Kies repeatedly connects then disconnects meaning I can’t update the app.”

“Any advice. I flash ICS now MTP doesn’t recognise device. Unknown when USB connected,” said James Fox on Samsung’s official Facebook page, suggesting a similar problem can occur after the update. 

Meanwhile, over at the Android Forums the same Device Unknown issue is also affecting Samsung Galaxy S2 users.

Fixes suggested by forum users include:
* Update Kies.
* Update Samsung USB drivers, which can be found on the Samsung Support web page.
* Use a different USB port, which has apparently solved the issue in some cases.
* Key in *#7284# using the dialler. Four options should appear: UART; MODEM; PDA; USB. Choose PDA. If it is already selected, choose MODEM and then PDA again to reset it. Press Back and then try and connect to Kies again.

We’ve been in touch with Samsung and it is looking into this issue for us, so hopefully we’ll have an official answer soon.

We’ve also asked for an update when the over-the-air update will be available as that will obviously solve any issues trying to connect to USB. 

Have you had any issues upgrading the Samsung Galaxy S2? Let us know below of via Facebook and Twitter.


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