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Samsung Galaxy S3 announcement coming May 3rd? London event planned

After the obligatory slew of speculation, rumours and doctored images which have roamed the Internet increasingly frequently of late, Samsung has revealed the date for what we are expecting to be the biggest mobile device launch of 2012 – the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

A teaser has appeared on the Facebook page and  press invitation has been sent out for an event on May 3rd. entitled – ‘Come and Meet The Next Galaxy.’

The bar is set particularly high this year, as not only will the Samsung Galaxy S3 have to live up to the legacy of its two predecessors (the Samsung Galaxy S in 2010 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 in 2011 which both sold extremely well), impressive devices as they were in their own time, but the expectations of tech fans across the globe.

Next Galaxy Invite

The playing field is already littered with worthy adversaries too, such as the HTC One X and S already in the market and Sony’s first contribution in the form of the Sony Xperia S. As such we don’t expect Samsung will have underestimated what rests on the launch of the next flagship from the Korean mobile giant, but we are intrigued to see just what they will pull out of the bag in the coming weeks. Check our our Samsung Galaxy S3 rumour round-up to see what might be coming.

The launch event itself is set to take place in London on May 3rd, we’ll bring you more news from the event.


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