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Samsung Galaxy S3 launch event: 22 March 2012?


Pinning down the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a difficult process to say the least, however Samsung have just started sending out invitations for an event in France on 22 March this year as unveiled by Frandroid via SoMobile. It’s likely this date will mark the announcement of their upcoming flagship given the fact it was originally expected to launch at Mobile World Congress a month before.

If this is a Samsung Galaxy S3 event, one of two things are probable. Either this will be a Europe-wide conference event which will be live-streamed across countries. This would tally with the suggestion that the main unveiling will take place in London. The alternative would be that this will be a showcase for the Galaxy S3 for local media to get hands-on time, which will receive its official announcement prior elsewhere. Either way, this points to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 being on or before the 22 March 2012, so may well throw a bone to all those pining for this mythical 7mm quad-core 12-megapixel HD displayed frenzy monger.

This isn’t the first time Samsung have held off announcing a product and been cagey about its official launch, with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus originally expected to have its reveal at CTIA 2011. While there were a number of reasons for the delayed introduction cited, including the death of Steve Jobs, cynics were convinced it was a metaphorical dramatic pause to up tension and take the launch out of a conference environment and into a Samsung specific forum. So while the 22nd is just around the corner, in the meantime we’ll leave you with our rumour roundup.


Samsung have revealed to The Next Web that they will not be revealing any information on the Samsung Galaxy S3 at their event on the 22 March in France, with its main purpose being to showcase their existing portfolio.


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