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Samsung Galaxy S3 photos leak: incremental upgrade and 12MP camera?

New photographs have emerged showing what is rumoured to be the Samsung Galaxy S3, ahead of it’s expected launch in London on May 3rd. If these pictures are accurate the version of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone will be slimmer, but an incremental update.

Gizmodo Brazil revealed the photographs, which aren’t of a particularly high standard. They show the front and back of the phone, including a seemingly larger screen, with a solid central button and just visible Android controls.

According to sources the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is thinner, yet bigger and heavier, with a 12-megapixel camera. The design of the phone in the images certainly doesn’t look particularly revolutionary – in fact we prefer the shape of the styling of the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is more angular.

But is this the Samsung Galaxy S3 or another Samsung phone? The serial number of the phone in the photographs is Samsung GT-I9300, which matches that of a previous leaked image. It also looks a little like a leaked image from a PR presentation, with the central home button at the bottom, although it’s really hard to tell from this photograph.

This is the latest in a long succession of alleged Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours. Hopefully we’ll find out what the real Samsung Galaxy S3 (if that’s even it’s name, should Samsung choose to pull an Apple) on May 3rd. Are you excited by the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3? What features would you like to see? Let us know below or via Facebook and Twitter.


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