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Samsung Galaxy S3 running Ubuntu OS

The foundations of Android lie on the basis of the Linux kernel, sure Google put their own spin on things in an effort to create an engrossing mobile operating system all their own, but in a sense, these two environments share some key genetic code. In more recent releases, Linux has even featured additional Android drivers to, so the links are even more apparent. Although one isn’t necessarily exchangeable than the other for most users, some have established a means of bestowing their Samsung Galaxy S3s with one of the most popular desktop builds of the Linux-based OS, Ubuntu.

Ubuntu offers one of the most complete Linux computing experience around, but bringing it to a phone is an unusual concept, nevertheless Redmond Pie’s ‘how-to’ on bringing Ubuntu to your S3 explains the process of replacing Android with the desktop OS. The process seems simple enough, but its not for the faint hearted. There are a few things you need to have done before you start the process which we’ll brief you on. If you’re still happy, then Ubuntu-up your S3 to your heart’s content.

Ubuntu S3

Key elements which must be carried out before you get started are as follows:

  • Your S3 must be rooted and use a kernel with loop support
  • Omega 4.0 ROM was used to test the process so the recommendation is to repeat this for your install
  • USB debugging must be enabled
  • Ubuntu Installer, android-vnc-viewer, Terminal Emulator and BusyBox need to be installed

The advantage of Linux as an OS is that users have an unprecedented level of control over its behaviour on a very low level. As such it can be easy to damage or alter aspects of the OS beyond repair (requiring reinstall), but at the same time, if you’re the kind of person who is comfortable transforming your S3 into a miniature Ubuntu machine, you’re probably just at home navigating the nuances of the OS.

The Galaxy S3 has seen major success in markets across the world and even for those who’ve done away with the stock experience, the underlying hardware has always offered great potential. With the introduction of a Linux desktop OS to the device, it just shows how capable the S3’s internals are.


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