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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active jogs into view

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Active is revealed in new videos, showing the changed design, altered specs and lack of fingerprint scanner.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active was one of our favourite Galaxies of all time, thanks to its rugged but slender design and the way it shrugged off a quick dip in the brine. This year’s Galaxy S5 was already water-resistant and rocked a heartrate monitor to appease sporty types, so we didn’t expect to see a Galaxy S5 Active ever emerge – but some videos just appeared on the YouTubes courtesy of TK Tech News to blow that premonition right out the water.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active phone leaks, UK news, specs, price and release date

The Galaxy S5 Active’s front looks the same as the original Galaxy S5, apart from the bit below the screen, where the single home button has been replaced with a row of home, back and apps buttons. They’re textured plastic efforts, so looks like the fingerprint scanner, which was built into the Galaxy S5’s home button, has been ditched entirely.

However, on the back you’ll still find a heartrate monitor, as you’d expect from a sporty mobile, along with the same 16-megapixel camera. And inside there’s a powerful 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, backed up by 2GB of RAM, so you’ll have no trouble running all of the latest fitness apps, as well as games in your down-time.

We’d expect to see the Galaxy S5 Active emerge soon given the final-look feel of the model shown. Samsung is launching its new Galaxy Tab range in New York on June 12, but we’re not sure if the Koreans will want to reveal too much at once, so the Active may be unveiled shortly after.


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