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Samsung Galaxy S5: Rumours N’ Stuff

Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S5 phone is set to emerge on February 24 at MWC, and rumours have it packing a 2K display, iris scanner and some pretty powerful specs. Here’s our full Samsung Galaxy S5 news and rumours round-up…

Samsung has been pretty open about sales of 2013’s Galaxy S4 not matching the company’s expectations, despite a pretty strong start. This sales slump means the new Galaxy S5 should burst free from Samsung’s development womb at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, if recent rumours are correct.

UPDATE: MWC does appear to be the venue, and the Galaxy S5 will most likely appear at Samsung’s ‘Unpacked’ event on Monday February 24 at 7PM UK time.

Samsung's Galaxy S5 is the hotly anticipated sequel to the Galaxy S4

A number of sources have already come out with supposed specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the latest tipster (speaking with PhoneArena) confirms some of the existing rumours, including the 2K QHD screen. That ultra-sharp display would really make the most of HD content if it proves to be fact.

There were also hints of a state-of-the-art iris sensor, so you can unlock your phone just by giving it the eye. Previous Galaxy phones used the front-facing camera to tell when you were staring at the screen, pausing your video or hibernating the display whenever you glanced away, so this seems like a natural evolution for Samsung. How well it works is another matter – hopefully as well as Apple’s fantastic iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner.

Sadly, the latest source takes a mallet to our hopes that the Galaxy S5 will rock a sleek new metallic design. Apparently the new phone will once again feature a plastic body, one of our bugbears with the range, but here’s hoping for a refreshed design and a bit more durability.

As for the rest of the specs, some sources suggested a 20-megapixel camera with 4k video recording (something previously seen in the Galaxy Note 3), and a 2,900mAh battery which beats the 2,600mAh effort inside the Galaxy S4.

UPDATE: However, a bit of leaked benchmarking has pointed to two different new handsets, one premium model and one with cut-back specs. The premium model only has a SnapDragon 800 processor, rather than the SnapDragon 805 we expected (which Sony and Nokia rivals are rocking). It also points to a less extravagant 16-megapixel camera. Meanwhile, the cut-down model has a 1080p resolution and cut-down performance. We’ve pondered what this could mean for Samsung’s launch…

Samsung traditionally launches its latest flagship mobile at an ‘Unpacked’ event, separate from the big annual tech conferences such as MWC. However, perhaps the desire to get a brand new handset out there will mean a change of plans? We’ll hit you up with any news as soon as we have it.





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