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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active ruins one feature, improves two others

The all-new rugged version of Samsung’s glorious five-star smartphone has just been unveiled and can take a serious pounding, while improving on the Samsung Galaxy S6’s already-decent battery life – but the bulky aesthetics are an inevitable let-down.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: What’s the difference?

The Galaxy S6 Active is a much more rugged version of the original Galaxy S6, aimed at outdoorsy types who like to hike and be at one with nature, and all that stuff that us Recombuites can’t be hacked with. The IP68 build is water and dust resistant, able to swim in 1.5 metres of water for around half an hour – the same as Sony’s Xperia Z3. The Active can also handle greater fluctuations in temperature and is more shock resistant, although the original S6 is already tough enough to survive a two-metre drop if Samsung’s boasts are to be believed.

Unfortunately, that new rugged design means a bulkier, less attractive phone. The original Galaxy S6 was a truly gorgeous piece of kit, while the Active sports a chunky bumper and loses the visual appeal.

Samsung has also boosted the battery from a 2550mAh battery up to a 3500mAh cell for the Active, quite a huge jump. That’s good news for anyone who takes to the wild, as the likes of the Savannah and Everest don’t have convenient power points dotted about the place.

Besides that, it’s business as usual. The Galaxy S6 Active sports the same Quad HD screen and excellent camera tech as the first Galaxy S6, and once again there’s no micro SD slot so you’re stuck with the internal storage – better get the bigger option if you want to take lots of photos of your outdoor exploits.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: When is it coming to the UK?

As of June 12th the Galaxy S6 Active is available as an AT&T exclusive in the States. So far there’s no word on a UK release date or pricing, but we’ll update when news hits.


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