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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: Everything you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge reviews, tips and tricks, buying and tariffs guide and everything else you need to know as these sexy slabs of gorgeous tech go on sale today (April 10th).

The reviews

If you’re tempted to grab yourself Samsung’s Galaxy S6 or the uber-curvy Galaxy S6 Edge, which are hitting UK stores this fine day, make sure you check out our full in-depth Galaxy S6 review and Galaxy S6 Edge review. We’ll take you over every bit of the handsets, from the gorgeous 2k screens to the impressive 16-megapixel cameras and the fully refreshed fingerprint scanners.

Best UK prices and contracts

Mind already made up? Then check out the best Galaxy S6/S6 Edge UK tariffs, from a range of providers including O2, EE and Tesco Mobile. The cheapest contract around is actually Virgin’s last-minute deal, providing you’re already a Virgin Media customer – otherwise it’s Tesco Mobile.

Tips and tricks

Got back home with your shiny new handset and ripped it out of the box, ready to begin? Here’s our Galaxy S6 tips and tricks to get the most from that gorgeous phone.

We’ve also spent a lot of time with the Galaxy S6’s camera and here’s our top tips for getting great shots from this awesome snapper. And here’s how to copy your music across from your PC, Mac or iTunes.

Best alternatives

If you really, really want a Galaxy S6 but it’s just out of your price band, then here’s some strong alternatives that cost around half the price.


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