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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs S6 Edge: What’s the difference and should I upgrade?

We compare the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ with the original Galaxy S6 Edge, to see which of Samsung’s curved creations is best for you.

At a glance

Phone Galaxy S6 Edge Galaxy S6 Edge+
Screen size 5.1-inches 5.7-inches
Screen resolution 1440×2560 (577ppi) 1440×2560 (515ppi)
Processor Exynos 7420 Exynos 7420
Battery 2,600mAh 3,000mAh
Storage 32/64/128GB, no microSD 32/64GB, no microSD
4G? Yes Yes
Camera 16-megapixel 16-megapixel
Front camera 5-megapixel 5-megapixel

Screen and media

The S6 Edge+ sports a curved screen just like its predecessor, but this time it’s grown from a respectable 5.1-incher to a phablet-sized 5.7-inch Super-AMOLED panel.

Despite growing by over half an inch, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ display packs the same 1440×2560 pixel resolution as the original S6 Edge. That means that images aren’t quite as crazy-sharp on the Galaxy S6 Edge+, but it still packs an impressive 515 pixels-per-inch, compared with the S6 Edge’s 577 ppi. So don’t worry, your HD videos and other bits will look just as glorious, and just as vibrant as before.

The only decision to be made is: do I want to lug around a bigger phone for that extra screen space? Well, we’re perfectly happy watching full-length movies on the 5.1-inch S6 Edge, so we wouldn’t choose the S6 Edge+ just for media reasons. However, that 5.7-inch screen makes multi-tasking a little easier, especially as the edges of the screen are already curved away from your face. So if you want to get busy with docs while chatting online, or basically run two apps side-by-side, the S6 Edge+ is worth considering.

And as the S6 Edge+ is non-expandable just like the S6, you’re once again stuck with just 32GB or 64GB of storage space for your media.


The exact same Exynos processor is packed inside the S6 Edge and S6 Edge+, but the S6 Edge+ does boast an extra gig of RAM. You’re not going to notice any real difference in the day-to-day running as the S6 Edge still runs with a beautiful buttery smoothness. Of course, as the phones age, that extra gig is going to help to keep things smooth and it’ll also make for jerk-free multi-tasking.


There’s also no difference when it comes to cameras, with both the S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ sporting 16-megapixel and 5-megapixel rear and front cameras.

Battery life

Although we haven’t had the chance to fully test the Galaxy S6 Edge+’s battery life yet, it boasts a bigger 3,000mAh battery compared with the original S6 Edge’s 2,600mAh effort. Of course, it also has a larger screen to keep powered, which means it won’t necessarily boast better battery life. We’ll be testing the S6 Edge+’s battery imminently and we’ll let you know if there’s any improvement.

Both the S6 Edge and the S6 Edge+ supports fast charge and wireless charging, as you’d expect.


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