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Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini: In a Nutshell

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini is an upcoming compact version of Samsung’s five-star Galaxy S6 flagship phone, slashing the price at the possible cost of some premium features. Here’s everything you need to know, including S6 Mini leaked specs and the latest rumours.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini: What is it and why should I care?

The Galaxy S6 is still one of the best phones of 2015, topping our best Android phones chart. However, it’s also a bit pricey, which means most people will never get a chance to slip it into their pockets and bags (unless they’re nicking it).

The Galaxy S6 Mini is a compact, cut-price version of the fully-fledged S6, so it’s a better fit for smaller hands and easier on the bank balance. However, expect some of the S6’s features to be slashed to make the S6 Mini affordable. After all, most ‘mini’ versions of solid handsets turn out to be (dinky) shadows of the full-sized phones, such as the recent LG G4c.

Still, Samsung is on top form right now and we’re hoping that the S6 Mini retains most of the S6’s best bits, like Sony’s Xperia Z3 Compact.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini: Specs and features

So far little is known about the S6 Mini’s internals, but leaked photos show an almost identical glass-and-metal design to the full-sized Galaxy S6. That’s a huge relief as the sexy look and feel of the phone was one of its best qualities.

Web rumours suggest that a Snapdragon 808 processor runs the Galaxy S6 Mini, backed by 2GB of RAM, which should make for a smooth experience and easily cope with the latest games and HD media. Question is, will there be a microSD slot, something sorely missing on the Galaxy S6?

We’re expecting a screen size of around 4.7-inches, the same as the Xperia Z3 Compact. And forget about Quad HD visuals. The Galaxy S6 Mini will likely cut back to a 720p resolution, which should still be more than sharp enough for enjoying high-def movies thanks to the reduced panel size.

Excitingly, web whisperings point to a 15-megapixel camera which packs most of the same features of the premium phone. We’d be hugely gutted if Samsung slaps an inferior camera on the S6 Mini, given the Z3 Compact’s punchy 20-megapixel effort.

UK price and release date

Again, we only have rumours so far, but the Galaxy S6 Mini is tipped to launch on August 13th along with the Galaxy S6 Plus and potentially the Galaxy Note 5. That’s a lot of phones for one launch, so we reckon the Mini might be held back for another day or even launched with little fanfare. As for price, expect around £349 here in the UK.

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