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Samsung Galaxy S6 price and release date: Three, Vodafone, O2, EE and Virgin Media confirmed

Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagship phone, the Galaxy S6, will be heading to a UK phone shop near you on April 10th with the S6 Edge costing £100 more than the standard S6.

None of the UK networks have announced prices or release dates yet, but Three, Vodafone and EE have all been in touch to confirm that they’ll be selling the Galaxy S6. And according to Unlocked Mobiles, the S6 and S6 Edge will both emerge on April 10th, with the S6 costing £549 and the S6 Edge costing a whopping £649.

For the first time in the history of the Galaxy S range, Samsung has ditched the flexi-plastic jackets for a more premium metal and glass look. 

These fancier materials combined with a 5.1-inch Quad HD (2,560×1,440) panel, 16-megapixel camera and Android 5.0 Lollipop means that the Galaxy S6 will command a high price, though you’ll get a good amount of bang for your bucks. 
Check out our hands-on photos of the Samsung Galaxy S6The Galaxy S6 is a Cat 6 phone, meaning it will work with EE’s LTE-Advanced 4G+. In layman’s terms means that you should get average (average) download speeds of 90Mbps. How much are you paying for your home broadband service again? 

Pippa Dunn, chief marketing officer, EE, said: “Every year Samsung uses its flagship smartphone launches to introduce a host of innovative new features and functions and this year is no different. To get the very best out of the new handsets features, then users really do need to match it with the biggest and fastest UK network.”

EE will also be baking WiFi Calling in to the Galaxy S6, which means when you step in through the front door, you’ll connect automatically to your wireless router and your call will seamlessly be routed over WiFi instead of the cellular network. Useful, if you’ve got a fancy new dual-band router at home, but your indoor coverage sucks. You can read more about how all that works here

In the meantime, stay tuned for more details on price and availability as and when we get them. 

Update 1: O2 has now confirmed that it’ll be taking the Galaxy S6 along with the S6 Edge. You’ll be able to get either phone via O2 Refresh, but aside from that, no other details are available right now. 

Update 2: Virgin Media has now confirmed that it’ll be selling the Samsung Galaxy S6 from April 10 onwards. Prices haven’t been announced, but Virgin says that its WiFi Buddy app will be pre-installed on the Galaxy S6, giving customers streamlined access to over 150,000 hotspots around the UK.



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